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Why f’real?

Custom Shakes
& Smoothies

Pre-packaged cups, made with real ingredients

No Mess in
No Time

Automated self-sanitizing system offers low-touch blending in around a minute


Create Frozen Beverages with the Push of a Button

Customer Success Center Support

Round the Clock Maintenance and Tech Support

f’real how?

Blend Sip Chill

Our self-serve f’real blender and revolutionary blend-in-cup recipes offer endless milkshake and smoothie blending potential — with big-time fan favorites like PB Cup made with Reese’s, Chocolate Chill, SNICKERS® and Acai Berry Blast.

The blended beverage program you dreamed of is turnkey and hassle free!

To master the custom milkshake and beyond – we also offer a food service f’real blender designed for blended bowls, frozen cocktails, lemonades and frappes.

Two f’real blenders and infinite blending options

Anyway you spin it, when you partner with f’real you get our blend-in-cup technology, premium products and fantastic flavors – plus, you miss the mess and save on labor! Milkshakes never go out of style (FACT!), so capture fans with these indulgent treats and our self-sanitizing blender.

Ready to get f’real?

The next step is to connect with the f’real team. Use the form below and we’ll help you decide which f’real blender best fits your business and customers’ needs.

The f’real B6 Self-Serve Blender

The blender powering our fan-favorite milkshakes and smoothies in convenience stores

  • Blends in about a minute
  • Automated sanitizing and internal cleaning systems
  • Large LCD screen presenting engaging content
  • Interactive touchscreen panel with simple instructions
  • Compatible with the f’real Blending Bar; Double Blending Bar; and Mini Blending Bar

The f’real B7 Foodservice Blender

Custom and creative cocktails, drinks and treats — made easy

  • One-touch operation
  • Hands-free blending
  • Customize for any flavor
  • No measuring, scooping or pouring required
  • No drain or waterline required
  • Small footprint and minimal labor
  • Fast, effortless cleanup

Freezer Configurations

The next step is to connect with the f’real team. Contact us and we’ll help you decide which f’real blender that best fits your business and customer’s needs.

Mini Blending Bar

Small footprint, for medium traffic

Self-Serve Blending Bar

Our most popular blender and freezer configuration

Double Blending Bar

Dual Blending for high traffic

Single Door Freezer

For limited counter space and medium traffic

Tall Upright Freezer

Maximum cup capacity for limited back storage

Side Counter

Optional storage

Find a f’real distributor

Are you in a f’real service area? When a craving hits, you need not only a f’real blender, but an ongoing supply of f’real core flavors — like SNICKERS®, Chocolate Chill or OREO® Cookies & Cream — and the limited edition flavors that roll out each year.

But don’t worry! Chances are good there’s a f’real distributor in your area — let’s check!

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f’real FAQs

  • What do I need to launch the f’real program?
    • If you’re interested in launching the self-serve program with the B6 blender or the back of house Food Service program with the B7 blender, you’ll need to purchase a blender, a freezer and then cups.
  • What does it cost?
    • That’ll depend on which program you’re interested in and how much equipment you plan to buy. Please contact us for more details! Send an email to or submit a form with your information so we can contact you.
  • What do I need in order to run the f’real program?
    • Our product is delivered through distributors, so you need to be in a delivery area. And, you need access to water and electricity. Contact us for more information about tech specs.
  • How can I get started?
    • Send an email to or submit a form with your information so we can contact you. We look forward to figuring out which program is right for you. Let’s get blending!

How To

Why f’real?

How To Blend