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Working with f’real is a partnership. We care about your continued success, and are always available to answer any questions you may have about your blender.


B4, B6, & B6LT Blenders


Technical Support

From installation to daily maintenance, f’real provides resources to guide you through each step of using your Self-Serve Blender. Watch videos, download instructions, or talk to a real human who can ensure that your Blender is ready for your customers to start making their own milkshakes.

B4 & B6 training videos


B2 Blender Discontinuation for U.S. Customers Only:

All U.S. B2 customers have received communication that our 1st generation B2 blender is being discontinued and f’real is relaunching our product line with a new cup structure later this year. The B2 will no longer be able to blend the new cups starting in October. We are offering significant upgrade discounts for those customers who wish to replace their B2 with the newest generation B6 blender. The Canada market timing will be later than the U.S. and will be communicated separately. Please reach out to your f’real sales representative as soon as possible to find out more or contact us at  sales@freal.com

Marketing Support

We want to help you get the word out about your f’real Self-Serve Blender purchase! Let everyone know they can make their own milkshakes at your location with tons of graphics and promotional assets that can be easily printed and shared.

Self-Serve marketing support

Distributors & Service Partners

f’real makes it convenient to get and maintain your blender by working with reputable local distributors and technicians. If we can’t help you fix your machine over the phone, we will connect you with someone who is located in your area and can have your Self-Serve Blender up and running in no time.

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